A word about...getting out and getting happy and following through versus fizzling out

Sometimes the simple things ain't so simple. In light of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, advising a distressed friend to “get out and get happy” may seem frivolous, aimless and even reckless, but I really mean it. Recently, after the upteenth phone call, zoom meeting, and email check I realized I was anxious and utterly zapped.

In my state of exhaustion, however, I said to myself, “get out and get happy.” Take a walk, run, ride a bike, eat outside, sing in the shower, dance in your bedroom, hang upside down, light a candle, buy new underwear or a dress. Do whatever you need to shake off the blues and stop waiting around for something that you have no control over. Election day is coming and you can exercise your political rights, strategize for more income, search for larger sunnier apartments for your clients, get rid of unnecessary junk and clutter in your closet, mind and body. There is no time like the present, and forward thinking is the best route out of the doldrums.

In fact this “get out and get happy” theme is great when dealing with other people that try to invade your space and sap your energy. First, it allows you to create a boundary by escorting problematic individuals out of your energy realm--the ‘get out’ part. Second, by “getting happy” we are able to attract other people with lighthearted natures similar to our own.

To collectively recap, waiting around does not get anyone closer to happiness. So, how can you take steps toward health and happiness? Cultivating and embracing what you have at the moment--your own presence. As Eckart Tolle explains,

Presence is when you're no longer waiting for the next moment, believing that the next moment will be more fulfilling than this one.

Get out of your head. Get out of your own way, allow your mind, soul, and heart to focus on the best present of all--a good present moment! Double entendre I know! Plus there is this simple great book, 'The Present: The gift for Changing Times' by Dr. Spencer Johnson if you want more of this theme (Thank you, Michael Goldenberg for referring it years ago when I entered the real estate business)

For me a good present moment nourishes my soul, allowing the light of presence to shine through myself and others without much fanfare. Spoiler alert, it may cause goosebumps or a smile! For some it is reading a good book, sharing a story with a stranger, or hanging with animals.

It’s a PRACTICE like everything else worthwhile in life. Another way to approach the present moment or cultivate one’s sense of presence is to operate from your heart. It will work like a charm--people will be more likely to receive your heart felt presence, hence the term, “heart felt.” Another way is to ask if your intentions are pure. If not, there is a strong likelihood you will fizzle out. This is why messages will get lost in translation--people get distracted by motives. They might think, for example, “what is this person strategizing, how are they playing me?” The truth is simple and stems from the heart. Intentions coming from a good place will cultivate more goodness and easy energy to focus forward. Fizzling out, on the other hand, is a sure sign you need to readjust or further contemplate your intentions. It’s like remembering to say please and thank you; it makes you and the person you are dealing with in the present moment happy and happiness is an expression of love. Yes, as a dear family friend once said, “love is like the axle of the wheel of life that enables you to go round in a forward motion!” (Maria)

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” Victor Hugo – Les Miserables

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