Q. Who rules your roost (aka Who runs the show?)

A. You rule your own roost for 2020

Sometimes the best way to approach big topics is by asking a question rather than obsessing on a correct answer.

Asking yourself who is in charge of your life is one of the most important internal questions you can ask yourself, especially as you start your day. The many voices in your head may persuade or dissuade you to championing your own cause (i.e. your life) but the internal dialogue in your head is a powerful tool, which part of you would you like to superseded the chattering mind? If you wake up with a hangover it might be the gremlin telling you that you are useless and powerless, if you wake with a song pay particular attention, as the angels might be trying to tell you something especially for you! In fact, paying attention is the first step to figuring out which part of you shall reign over the start of your day! Will you be driven by the ego (i.e. feelings of jealousy, anger, hurt, despair and lacking) or can you allow feelings of kindness, freedom, positivity and ease start the day? Vivid difference right?

So the blocks or negative voices in the head may stem from issues of shame and guilt but you can kick them out of your head and tap into your empowering self with small steps of rectifying behaviors.  What a pleasure as one goes through old emotions to free up and freshen up for 2020! Need an example? Recognize the people you have in life that you can trust, value the health of your body and visualize and participate in employment opportunities for future endeavors. So let's try again:

Question: Who rules your roost? 

Answer: Your best self and you want her to stay around for a long long time.

How to maintain your roost?

Tool box of phrases that can help: 

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” - Eckhart Tolle

  • Extricate form the negativity and enjoy yourself-might take another e word like express yourself

  • Love and loyalty to yourself first

  • Maintain your personal power always, don't give it away to your past or future enjoy Present moment and understand it is a process.

  • Visual your vibrational self in the best light possible

  • Wish others Well

  • Be in the best work zone