Reva's 3 R's

  • Reflecting on past feelings/experiences; keeping in mind one does not want to wallow in past hurts and injustices yet we do not want to bypass them as they will resurface until faced.

  • Releasing old ways that build up resistance and blocks. Best to recognize ‘old habits’ as contrasting experiences you no longer desire to have in your life so you can learn to discern what you are ready to let go of and make space for new choices.

  • Receiving new or clear path downstream to live freely in a more peaceful hamonic manner and enjoy being in alignment with yourself. This may come in many forms, be open to any/all signs.

I do not think it is an accident that in Sanskrit my name means river. A river image has appeared frequently enough and I am happy with fluidity and movement hence my attractions to practicing vinyasa flow yoga and being by the water. As a former high school teacher, I would appreciate a ‘good cheat sheet’ or omnipresent word choice to stop me in my tracks and enjoy the intake of a directive term. For example, long ago while reading about racism I fell into this: If you learned it, you can unlearn it. Yes, I thought to myself, that is a theme worthwhile. My attraction to language is to build up literacy that is uplifting for myself and to share with others. This simultaneously teaches one to be generous with themselves and others as you embody the words into actions. Words can connect to the senses which will lend itself to further growth and expand one’s life path. As the path widens, feeling tones teach us ways to express ourselves through shared learning. Some wonder if it is possible for people to rewire, re-learn, and re-pattern some of the negative aspects of ourselves due to past experiences, culture conditioning, and/or familial ties. I will take a leap and say yes we can pick and choose to produce the best flowing parts of our personhood and live more fully. Not everyone is up for the tasks involved, some partake daily, others gradually get involved slowly but/and surely. One thing I learned for each R you can always push it further-there is always more to release, more to receive-endless, boundless and eternal!

Why attend to one’s soul work? Some may be motivated by health, living their truth, or seeking freedom. Whatever it is, the end result is to feel better in a more holistic way. Synthesizing all these parts of you allow for a more complete picture of yourself. You are intending for future flow, life force moving to and through you. Naturally flowing forward is not about retaining the past with extra weight in your boat, you want your boat light, paddling softly and strong like when you steer, doing it calmly and gently so as not to go off course too much, a good dose of self-regulation of sorts.

Word play can serve as a system of checks and balances within yourself; instead of being egocentric, think ecocentric. Just as you might be aware of societal cultural misappropriation, recognize in yourself emotional misappropriation. Becoming conscious yourself will make it easier to become more business conscious in the world. Are you in a space of escapism or evolving? Is this a time for competing or cooperating? Are you being led unconsciously or through your own coherent system that works best for you? For example, are cruel and angry people lashing out at you and others around you? Only if you let them. Seeing the heaviness and heartache helps you to recognize their stuff and not confuse it with your own. If you know your part, you can move on more easily and calmly.

Is there an absolute good, undeniable truth, fullness to your flow? How would you know? One major indicator is the way you feel! Signs of flowing may appear as a soft single reassuring voice, or in the many ways, nature reveals itself as a calling card, a dream image, a feeling TONE that has shifted to a lighter dimension. It doesn’t matter how it comes, just be present enough to soak it up. I am now more a fan of flowing with it, calmly, and quietly giving myself time to digest and be able to share accordingly. Regardless, the bottom line is that it is there for you to claim or reclaim, as is your soul agenda, arriving!

How to get clear from struggle, strain, and pain? Stay in your lane, let your river flow! No matter what happens, keep thinking of generous thoughts to yourself and others. We all have obstacles to get over or move around, be it trust, anger, greed, and judgments, think in terms of shared intent, peaceful humility. Feeling oh so off course? Always return to the concept of love, understanding it involves acts of kindness, if you are far away from that, that speaks volumes as well. This is not as much about love or kindness for other people it is about being most loving to yourself. What is the kindest thing you can do for you today? The love in you is your power. Appreciate that at times you will be shown on a need to know basis. Appreciate that the stream is there for everyone. Appreciate the lessons from former experiences, keep the best, and chuck out the rest! Some say never look back as you are not headed that way or take a cue from a fun t-shirt that states “good vibes only.” No matter what the logo, being on track aka being in the flow tends to be a feel-good smiling experience.

Here are a few links to various resources that inspired me to write this blog. Plus, there is an upcoming class offered by one of my favorite magazines, Tricycle, with Lama Rod Owens. And an appreciative nod to why binary oppositional (i.e. black and white) thinking is outdated as we are such a diverse, multidimensional and interconnected global society; Elif Shafak (great TED Talk 2017) Danielle LaPorte, Neale Donald Walsch, and Claire Dubois of TreeSisters. Enjoy!

PS Couldn't resist adding Carley Simon’s Let The River Run “'s asking for the taking…”